About me

Aiming to gain a place between the top motion graphics artists, designers and editors of the world. I am mesmerized by almost every genre of Computer Generated Images aka CGI and I have tried to have a grip on many of the types of CGI, like 3d, compositing, vfx, simulations, motion graphics and so on. All I have learned is that, to be a motion graphics artist, one should be able to transform any unique idea through the most suitable tools in a very unique way into such a master piece that is always a pleasure to watch.

I started my career as a Graphic Designer in my own printing press in 2002. The real life experience is always a gold mine. After 4 years of designing all kinds of printable material, I started learning Video Editing and Motion Graphics in a well-known institute named M.H.D. In Lahore, Pakistan. Got certification of “Advance Graphic Designing and 3d Animation” from same institute. There I got a good grip on Autodesk Maya and 3ds Max. Learning is a life time process, so, over the time, I tried to learn each and every popular software and genre which is well known in the world of CGI.
As a motion Graphics artist, I have been working as a freelancer, my projects mostly included editing and polishing indie films, such as wedding ceremonies and event videography, and advertisements for local cable TV and websites, I found the ad making the most challenging medium, because you have to impress the employer and the audience with a video of very limited time frame, some times of only 5 seconds.
I have a firm experience and am very comfortable working in following softwares:

  1. Adobe Photoshop
  2. Adobe After Effects
  3. Autodesk 3ds Max
  4. V-Ray
  5. Cinema 4d
  6. Element 3d
  7. Turbulence fd
  8. Realflow
  9. X-Particles
  10. Adobe Illustrator
  11. Adobe Premiere Pro
  12. Sony Vegas Pro
  13. Davinci Resolve
  14. Autodesk Maya

3d Visualization
Beauty retouching
3d integration into 2d film
3d Modeling and animation
Motion Tracking
Match moving
Colour correction
Special effects
Particle and fluid effects and simulations
Dynamic effects etc


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